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Enabling high quality chlorine, sodium hydroxide, and potassium hydroxide production

Consistent and efficient long-term plant operations are key to chlor-alkali producers, and driving factors in the engineering of Nafion™ electrochemical membranes. Our chlor-alkali product portfolio is specifically designed to excel across a wide range of operating conditions.

Nafion™ chlor-alkali membranes offer consistent voltage performance, current efficiency, mechanical durability, and high impurity resistance over the lifetime of the membrane, resulting in:

  • Fewer process interruptions
  • Limited maintenance downtime
  • Reduced lifetime costs / total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Consistent production quantities
  • Reduced lifetime energy consumption

Our membranes are ionomer based, so they selectively conduct ions over a wide range of operating conditions. This is a unique property, enabling our membranes to create higher quality, sustainable electrochemical separations, even in harsh environments.

Regardless of potential machine limitations, end-product quality or power usage, our experts can help you find the right solution to meet your needs and optimize your chlor-alkali process.

The Sustainable Chlor-alkali Solution

As regional regulations continue to drive the phase-out of mercury technology, the time to find a more sustainable and safe chlor-alkali solution is now. Chlor-alkali membranes offer an environmentally sound solution for chlorine (Cl) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) or potassium hydroxide (KOH) production—with the lowest caustic soda production energy consumption.

The Nafion™ Chlor-alkali Membrane Portfolio

  • Nafion™ N2050: Our latest generation of low voltage membranes designed for zero-, narrow-, and finite-gap technologies.

  • Nafion™ N2030: Offers proven impurity resistance and a distinctive balance between voltage, durability, and current efficiency—over 1 million square meters have been installed worldwide.

  • Nafion™ N2100, N966, and N982: Durable in physically demanding operations and electrolyzer designs.

  • Nafion™ WX Type: Wet membrane that minimizes pre-startup procedures.

  • Nafion™ TX Type: Designed to alleviate handling issues, limited prep area, and excessive wrinkling concerns. TX makes installation easier.

Note: Requires pre-startup procedure not suitable for all electrolyzer designs