Chemours Fuel Cells, Delivering on the Promise of Clean Energy

Across all fuel cell applications, from large, long life base power generation to automobiles of the future, the need for a cost-effective, lasting solution remains consistent. Nafion™ membranes can uniquely answer this need.

Stationary Power

Stationary applications including telecom backup, uninterruptible power service, and combined power and heat. » More
Includes automotive (forklifts, scooters, cars, buses, tractor-trailers), marine, aerospace, and fleet trucking. » More
Portable/Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
Includes cellular phones, laptop computers, small portable electronic devices, and military devices. » More

The Nafion™ Fuel Cell Membrane Portfolio:

  • Nafion™ NR211 and NR212: These solution cast membranes have low resistance and delivers great performance to meet the needs for high power applications.

  • Nafion™ N115 and N117: These extrusion cast membranes offer high durability in mission critical applications.

  • Nafion™ D2020, D1020, D520, D2021, and D521: Durable in physically demanding operations and electrolyzer designs.

  • Nafion™ WX Type: Wet membrane that minimizes pre-startup procedures.

  • Nafion™ TX Type: These ionomer dispersions are used as ion conducting binders for electrode catalysts, as well as for casting custom membranes.
The Science of Clean Energy™

Learn how Nafion™ membranes and dispersions are driving clean energy.

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