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Nafion™ Ion Exchange Materials can take many forms for a range of industries and applications, including large, long-life chlorine and caustic plants, small medical components that make patient treatment more comfortable, and sensors for chemicals and relative humidity. The fluoropolymer base and unique, stable properties make Nafion™ membranes and dispersions the premier solution across the diverse marketplace.

Chemical Plant

Chemical Processing

Chlorine & Caustic Production
In this harsh environment, Nafion™ membranes boast lower power consumption, the highest caustic quality, superior pressure excursion reliability, constant production levels, and unmatched technical support to maximize your returns. » More

Catalyst: Nafion™ polymer also acts as a super acid catalyst. When used in solid form, it can be recycled and reused in many acid-catalyzed chemical reactions. Although higher value than typical sulfuric acid catalysts, the solid state nature and ability to be reused and regenerated offers total cost of ownership benefits and can provide desired impurity profiles.

Semiconductor: Chemicals used in semiconductor manufacturing require ultra-high purity. The selectivity of Nafion™ membranes in various electrochemical processes provides ultra-high pure compounds in a cost-effective manner.

Waste Recovery: Membranes can be used to reduce wastes in the maintenance and purification of plating baths, and in the recovery of spent solutions and rinse waters.

Ion Exchange Resins: Nafion™ resins serve as long life, perfluorinated cation exchange resins that can perform in harsh temperatures and chemical environments where other non-fluorinated resins cannot.
Fuel Cells in a meadow of daisies.
Fuel Cell: Chemours offers a range of products to meet your needs across all fuel cell applications, from large, long life base power generation to automobiles of the future to powering small electronics.
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Energy Storage: Tailored Nafion™ solutions add value in multiple points of the electricity supply chain, reducing global warming impact.
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Hydrogen Production:Hydrogen production/generation in portable systems and filling stations for fuel cell automobiles and municipal fleets. In such cases, the water electrolysis electrochemical reaction is essentially a fuel cell that runs in reverse: electricity and water are used to create hydrogen and oxygen.
Boy in hospital for humidification
Analytics & Instrumentation
Humidification & Drying: Nafion™ membranes are exceptionally efficient at humidifying and drying gas streams, making them the product of choice for applications where high efficiency or severe chemical and temperature resistance is a requirement. Perma Pure, a leading manufacturer of gas conditioning products, is licensed to use Nafion™ resins as its core polymer technology. » More
Bridge white paint as coating
Architectural Paints: Nafion™ dispersions can be used in coating formulations to impart hydrophilicity and improve the self-cleaning function of exterior paints.

Metal Plating: Nafion™ Membranes have been used in the highly aggressive environments of the metal plating industry since the 1980’s. Their excellent ionic conductivity, selectivity, high thermal, and chemical resistance are the key drivers for its use.