Our Journey to Greater Responsibility

Answering the world's demand for responsible growth.

We believe responsibility and progress go hand-in-hand. That combination is what customers, the communities in which we operate, investors, and employees expect. It's what the world demands, and it is the bar we have set for ourselves.

Now that we are moving from a period of transition to one of growth, we must determine the principles by which we'll grow. Chemours intends to grow in harmony with the market, society, and the demands of the world. We make essential products that, in turn, make modernity possible. We already make them responsibly, but as we grow, we pledge to place responsible chemistry at the center of everything we do. Responsibility means nurturing young minds, building a diverse workforce, and caring for our planet while we grow our company. We recognize that what's good for our world is precisely what our stakeholders expect of us. It also happens to be good business.

Our guiding principles

It starts with us. We have committed to reducing our carbon footprint, restructuring our portfolio to focus on sustainable offerings, educating employees, and ensuring safety excellence in our workplaces and our products on the move. We invest in our people, our facilities, and our processes to protect the safety and well-being of our employees, our business partners, and the communities in which we operate. Our commitment to responsible chemistry will play out in broad daylight as we regularly share our progress and performance with everyone concerned.

We inspire the brightest minds. We strive to think differently and challenge the status quo and old ways of operating. We deliberately disrupt the status quo by challenging the best and the brightest to offer original ideas and fresh perspectives. We provide the kind of inclusive, rewarding workplace that nurtures and develops all employees.

We put responsibility at the center of our business. We develop and promote technologies and products that enable us and our customers to reduce our environmental footprint, putting environmental, social, and economic considerations at the heart of our decisions. We select our resources consciously, use them efficiently, and introduce better alternatives when possible鈥攁ll to improve our performance, grow sustainably, and build a better future for all.

We will demand high standards. We're committed to doing what we think is right, not just what is required. We will strive to set the standard for our industry and openly share how we're doing鈥攅conomically, socially, and environmentally.

We will steward the value chain. We are setting the standard for how a chemistry company can operate, and we are extending that standard to our whole value chain. We will work with our suppliers and carriers to bring them along with us as we advance our responsibility commitment. We will work with our customers鈥攁nd their customers鈥攖o educate and ensure responsible product use at every point in the life cycle, and we will work toward developing shared standards for sourcing, manufacture, use, and disposal.

We will motivate partners in change. Our stewardship extends beyond our own portfolio and value chain. Since we want our bold actions to inspire others, we will partner with industry leaders in our sector and those our products serve to create more-sustainable applications at scale, so that the more our products are used, the lower the impact on the environment. The communities in which we operate are among our most important partners, and, we strive to make meaningful commitments to them.

Read more about our 2030 Corporate Responsibility Commitment goals.

Download the report>

To learn more about our Corporate Responsibility Commitment and 2030 goals, we invite you to download our full report.

Read more about our 2030 corporate responsibility commitment goals.

Download the report>